Since its inception in 1962, Hydrasearch Company, LLC. has been involved in the development and manufacturing of fluid systems and
components utilized in demanding military and commercial applications. Founded in Annapolis, Maryland, home of the United States
Naval Academy, Hydrasearch quickly established a close connection to our nation’s defense through a commitment to making
excellent quality a constant in both our products and our services.

As a subsidiary of Dixon Valve, a leading innovator in the hose coupling industry for over 100 years, Hydrasearch has grown to
expand its product line, as well as its customer base, dramatically. In 1994, the company relocated to Stevensville, Maryland,
and in early 2016 it moved once again. Still located in Stevensville, this new 65,000-sq. ft. facility houses our production,
warehouse, and administration in an open and collaborative environment, allows for increased efficiency in production and
energy use, and offers space for further expansion.

During the 1960’s and 70’s, Hydrasearch’s product line primarily consisted of specially designed hydraulic control systems
for the Naval Surface Warfare Center and Fueling at Sea equipment used by the Navy. The company began to expand its
Fueling at Sea product line in the 1980’s to include solid cargo transfer equipment, as well as fuel and water transfer
components. During this time, Hydrasearch also introduced new coupling designs for the Army that
solved ongoing leakage problems in their fuel and water distribution systems.

During the mid-1980’s, Hydrasearch developed and tested a new line of hose and fittings for the U.S. Navy: the
ER512 product line. These products are used to absorb sound and vibration, and they accommodate movement of
connected equipment aboard Naval vessels. They were approved by Naval Sea Systems Command for Qualified
Products Listing (QPL) inclusion in 1989. During the late 80’s, Hydrasearch received QPL listings for
five (5) additional product lines and the acceptance of a variety of accessory equipment. These product
lines have been grouped together in Hydrasearch’s Marine Hose and Fittings Catalog 109.

In 1995 Hydrasearch purchased Technical Products & Precision Manufacturing Co., formerly located in
Hatfield, Pennsylvania. The Technical Products line includes high pressure o-ring face seal valves,
pipe and tube fittings, and components utilized in numerous water, oil, and gas applications.

Following the acquisition of Technical Products, Hydrasearch acquired the hose and fitting
product line of Deutsch Metal Components of Gardena, California, in 1999. This product line
includes low, medium and high pressure rubber hose assemblies and components, and medium
pressure Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) hose assemblies and components for Aerospace
applications. Fittings are available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Steel.
These products are also Qualified Product Listed (QPL) by the U.S. Military.

The scope of Hydrasearch’s product offerings extends wide across the marine
industry. Our products can be found on submarines, surface ships,
helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and ground equipment across the
globe. Through all of our growth and development, Hydrasearch
has remained consistent in its allegiance to quality and
customer satisfaction. We look forward to
continuing to grow and improve to provide
the best service possible
to our customers
throughout the